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Cylinder liner & cooling jacket

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Sino-ocean Marine stocks and supplies various cylinder liners for main/ auxiliary engines, suitable for the following series of models:
S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-B, S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C , G35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C, S(L)35/42/50/60/70/80MC-C and GF GBE series; RTA48T-B,RT-FLEX50-D,RT-FLEX50-B,FLEX RTA58TB,5RT-FLEX58T-D,RTA48T-B,RTA68T-B etc.,  RTA 48/52/62/68/76/84 series, RLA(B)55/59 and RND RD series; UEC 50/52/60 LA(LS)……

L16/24, L21/31, L23/30, L23/30H, L27/38, L28/32H, L32/40, T23LH-4E and so on; DK-20E, DK-20, DK-28, DC-17, DC-32, DE-18, DS-18A, DS-26, DL-20, DL-22, DL-26, DL-28, PS-26H, PS-26D and so on;
EY18, EY22, EY26, N18, N21, N26, N28 (N28A), N330, N165L, M200 serie, M220 serie, T220, T240, T260, UAL-ST, Z280A, S165, S185 serie, GL-T serie, KDL, KFL serie and so on;
S20, L20, 670W4L20, AL25/30, ATL25D(H) and so on.
The main engine cylinder liners specific list as following:

1 S46MC-C 90302-0201-213 DMD OEM,CCS;Wear≤0.06-0.11
2 S50MC 90302-125-154 NEW
231F-1 NEW
3 S50MC-C 90302-0184-046 OEM NEW, CCS, DNV, KR
4 S50ME-B9 90302-0207-058 OEM NEW,KR
5 S50ME-C 231F-1 NEW
90302-0184-046 OEM NEW, CCS, DNV, KR
6 S50E-C8 90302-0207-058 DMD OEM NEW,CCS
90302-101-129 NEW
8 S60MC-C8 P90301-0211-010 OEM NEW,KR
9 S70MC 90302-112-129 NEW
90302-078-213 NEW
10 S70MC-C8 90302-0199-022 OEM NEW,KR
11 K90MC-C 90302-144-129 Made in Japan; NK; GENUINE NEW
12 RT-FLEX58T-D OF21401 Made in Japan; CCS; GENUINE NEW
13 RTA52U Z21401 NEW
14 RTA62 Z21401 NEW
15 RTA84C C21402 NEW

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