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We can supply all kinds of Marine pump, screw pump, gear pump, jet pump, circulating pump, feed water pump, fire pump, self-priming pump, vortex pump, sewage pumps, sea water pump, and fresh water pump. And domestic, Japanan, South Korea and the European from many famous brands can be applied to. we have hundreds of pumps for the customer to choose,and customer can also according to parameters such as displacement, pumping head, power and purpose for the fast matching of suitable auxiliary pump.

Advantage products are suitable for following model:

★ALG-20 ALG-25 ALG-25N ALG-32 ALG-32N ALG-40 ALG-40N ALG-40W ALG-50 ALG-65 ALG-65S ALG-80 ALG-100 ALGT-40 ALGT-40B ALGT-40N ALGT-50 ALGT-50B ALGT-50W ALGT-65 ALGV-65B ALGV-65BS ALGV-80B ALGV-100 ALGV-100B ALGV-100LB ALGV-150 ALGV-200 BH-32 BH-40 BH-40-2 BH-50 BH-65 BH-100 BBH-40/40L BBH-50/50D/50L BBH-65D/65L BHD-40 BHD-50 BHR-32 BHR-40 BHR-50

BHV-32 BHV-40 BT-65 BT-125 EB2H-32 EB2H-50Z EB2H-65 EB2H-40 FB2W -125 FB2V-150 FB2V-200 FB2V-250 FBCV-200 FB2V-250 FBCV-200 FBCV-250 FBCV-300 FBSV-100 FBSV-125 FBSV-150 FBSV-200 FBSV-250 FBSV-300 FBV-100 FBV-125 FBV-150 FBV-200 FBWV-250~500 FDDV-65~125 FEV-80/180D/80E FEV-100/100D/100E FEV-125/125D/125E FEV-200/200D/200E FEV-250/250D/250E FEWV-250/250 FEWV-300/300D FEWV-350/350D FEWV-400/400DSEP-50-1SH-32 SH-40 TLG-2~25 TOM150 TOM200

★AHJ-50, BT-40, BT-50, BT-70, BT-100, EH-50, EVZ-130, FHP-125, GH-50, GH-65, GHD-200, GHD-260, GHQ-50, GVC-100, GVC-125, GVC-150, GVD-200, GVD-160, GVD-300, GVD-360, GVD-400, GVD-450, GVD-500 GVP-100, GVP-160, GVP-200, GVP-260, GVX-200, GVX-260, HJ-40, HJ-50, RVD-500, RVP-130, RVP-200, RVP-250, RVP-500, RVX-160, SAC-250, SAC-300, SB-150, SHQ-50, SVA-150, SVA-200, SVA-250, SVB-100, SVS-100, SVS-125, SVS-150, SVS-200, SVS-250, SVS-300,SVS-350, GHJ-50

★CY-12GN, HK-40E, HK-60H, KH-75E, HLY-1F, HLY-5L, HLY-35F, HLY-55M, HWY-2E, HSY-4F/D, HSY-5J, HSY-10E, HSY-5L, HSY-15L, HSY-40F, M-5B, M-10B, MA-1B, RV-200E, RV-300E, RVD-450E, VDK-250D, VDK-450N, VDK-650D, VK-90D, VK-130E, VK-200H, VK-200E, VK-300D, VSK-40G, VSK-75J, VSK-120N, VSK-150K, VSK-180J, VSK-260L, WY-2Y

★3X2, 5X3, 5X4, 5X6, 6X5, 8X6, 10X10, 12X12, 14X14, 16X16,32X20MSS, 32HC-Am/Bm, 32-2MSH-Am, 32MS-B, 50X25MSS, 50CSm, 50MS-A.B, 50BF-A5m, 50-2SL, 50-2MSH-Am, 50-MSS-Bm, 65X50, 65CSm, 80CSM, 100X50, 100VCS-B/Dm, 100HC-B, 100MS-B, 125X100, 125HC-BM, 125VCS-A, 150VCS-A, 150-2VCS-A-NV, 200X100, 200VCS-Am, 200VCB-B-NV, 200VCS-A-NV, 250X125, 200VCB-Bm-NV, 200VCD-Am, 250VCS-A-NV, 350VCD-Bm, 7/7VDPn, 9/10VDPn

★EHC-41MAT, EHC-51MAT, EHC-80MB, EHC-100J, EHCN-150MEX, EMC-100C, EMC-125, EMD-125, EMC-150C, EMC-250MC, ESC-150, ESCE-150D, EVC-100MC, EVC-125MC, EVCN-125MC, VSN-150, PVN-5, VSN-125, HHB TYPE, HNP-310,401, 3MT-32, 4MT-50, NHG TYPE, ESDE-350MC, ESC-250MCT, K333, MSV-750W

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